Windows vs Linux – RAM Usage, #StartUbuntu

An Image Speaks 1000 Words

Someone on our Google+ Page has stated that Windows 7 needs only 1GB of RAM and everything should be fine.

Well, they say: “An Image Speaks 1000 Words” and there you go 🙂

Can #Microsoft #Windows do that?

NO, I can not.
However, #Linux can 🙂


We are NOT trying to make you switch. We are just spreading the word of truth that Microsoft will never show nor admit as they will lose their business. If you’re enjoying paying for Microsoft, for Anti-Virus Programs, etc etc and don’t mind the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), and all the other Windows headache, by all means, enjoy and have a great time 🙂 if you have enough time to spend with Windows, by all means, have a great time.
It is just that we are humans and we care about humanity. We are sharing our experience. We are spending our time to show some facts that you will never understand unless you try it yourself.

Don’t take our words as 100% correct. Go search and do it yourself and see 🙂

AND … Linux is NOT perfect. No such thing as The Perfect OS. We are just stating what Linux can do and what Windows can NOT 🙂

Hope you appreciate the efforts we are putting to HELP YOU. Hope you understand we, the volunteers to FOSS/Linux, we do have lives and lots of other things to do but because we care to help and give advice, we’re doing all this 🙂

Really, if you are enjoying Windows, please don’t ever switch to Linux. We do respect your decision but don’t come and attack any Linux Community unless you have some solid facts and you stand on solid grounds 🙂

Nothing is perfect. After all, it is a matter of personal opinion and choice. We have made our choice to use Free and Open Source Software. You have made your choice to follow Microsoft Windows. It is a win-to-win as long as everyone is happy, really. But, just for what it worth, what you spend usually hours to do, we spend minutes to achieve 🙂





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